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  1. I wouldn't have thought so. The only Australia scenery I have is Orbx. I do use AIG but I'm pretty sure that doesn't move stands about. Is there software that does that? There certainly is an issue with stand 5, at least. This is what I see whan I ask P3D to load an aircraft at stand 5. The photo where you can see the end of the stand is inside the terminal building.
  2. Actually, having another look at it this morning, I think my airport itself may be ok, but the aircraft are loading up ahead of the gate lines, so at gate 5 I was partly inside the building. Other gates it doesn't make too much difference being a bit ahead of the T at the front of the line.
  3. OK, thanks Nick. Any suggestions as to what could be causing mine to have these issues?
  4. The aircraft is spawned at gate 5. I took a full screen screenshot but had to crop it as the image size was too large to be posted. It looks like some default buildings are also showing in the scenery.I have heard people mention adding an exclusion to stop default stuff coming through. Is that the issue here, what do I need to do if it is? I do have Australia V2. This airport is at the top of my Orbx scenery library. The only scenery I have above Orbx is airports from other developers. Thanks
  5. Thanks Nick and John, That's great to hear you are aware of it, and it will be fixed.
  6. Having bought a lot of airports 2 days ago from Orbx, I am currently enjoying flights to, and from them. However, some of them have issues, which it would be nice to be acknowledged that they are issues, and informed whether they are going to be fixed or not. I know it's probably a pain having people like me on here moaning about such things, but unless I am wrong about the errors I am pointing out it seems like a good opportunity to have a problem highlighted so it can be fixed. I was just flying into LIEO runway 23 for the first time. The PAPI lights were telling me I was significantly too low, and the ILS was telling was me I was too high. I know in the sim ILSs and PAPIs are not always perfectly aligned but this is more than that. After landing, and having a look again, I see the PAPIs are not aligned with the touchdown zone. I wonder if Nick or Doug could let me know if Orbx intend to fix things like this, because for me PAPIs and ILS systems are at least as important as eye candy in airport scenery. Unless, of course I am wrong in my observations, this seems like an error to me, and payware airports with ILS slopes and PAPIs not working properly is not really something I want to spend my hard earned money on. If the Orbx response is "yes, we see what you are saying. thanks for pointing it out. It will be fixed in an update reasonably soon" then I am more than happy to wait. If Orbx' view is that this is our LIEO scenery offering as it is, take it or leave it, then frankly I would rather leave it.
  7. I'll maybe put a ticket in just so at least they are aware of it.
  8. Thanks Nick, Unfortunately not everything is perfect in P3D, as in life! I've also noticed the default ILS at Belfast City doesn't work properly, which is a shame. Is that something developers would generally look to fix in a payware airport, or are they unable to modify the default P3D ILSs?
  9. I just bought some Orbx scenery today including KACK. Unfortunately the ILS at runway 6 is not working properly. There is no glideslope, and the localiser is not central. Runway 24 is working fine though. I would be grateful if someone could check their copy of KACK to conform this so we can perhaps have a fix in an update. I guess it's possible there's something wrong at my end but I dont think so. If it's an external developer, could someone let me know who if I should report it directly to them. Thanks
  10. My settings are limited compared to what I would like with my 6GB GPU. I wouldn't be without Active Sky though.
  11. Hi Tim, May I ask if there are any other recommended settings for Orbx add on airports to work at their best? I bought a lot of scenery and airports in the recent sale, and most airports are looking good, but a few seem to have slightly wonky textures that move about on part of the runways as you move along them. Gold Coast and Canberra being two of them. I'm wondering if there is another setting I should change as well as mesh resolution size? Thanks Calum
  12. Hi, I have bought quite a few add on airports recently in Australia and New Zealand, both from Orbx and other developers. I have noticed the lack of runway centre lights at all of them except Melbourne. Is it the case that most airports in Aus and NZ don't have runway centre lights? When I Googled it, I did find a story about a plane demolishing some side lights after landing off centre at Darwin, and a recommendation that all runways over a certain width should have centre lights. Perhaps this is also the case in other places but I've never noticed it before. Thanks
  13. My graphics card runs the PMDG and FSL aircraft quite stable at the settings I posted. I will buy a good card when available. but they are impossible to get just now.
  14. Yes. With the Majestic Dash 8 it was fine cranking up the settings, but 90% of the time I use PMDG Boeings and FSL A320, so I need to have settings reliable for them.
  15. I had a play about with my settings again, and as soon as I used a PMDG Boeing I had CTDs again when changing settings or location. I think I will just have to accept settings where my sim is at it's most stable until better GPUs are available. I just noticed Tim's post above though, so I will try his suggestions before giving up.
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