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  1. Believe you are correct @Finni Hansen. Landed again at Torp with in-game ATC and he sent me to GA apron with my CRJ 900. Would love to get this fixed.
  2. Pushback works, but not sure about the fuel truck. Can check this next time. I actually don’t fly A320. I fly the CRJ (Aerosoft) only when it comes to airliners.
  3. Thanks for taking your time to check this. I’ve been really busy lately so haven’t had time to make a ticket for this one. Will you forward this problem to developer or is a ticket needed to address the issues?
  4. Found the ATIS is not working either. Would appreciate if someone from Orbx can check this one as well.
  5. Nah, still not getting ground service at gate 1. Can see a ground crew walking around the plane though
  6. I'm about to start a flight from ENTO - EGKK. Will have another go in a few minutes.
  7. Hi Landed at ENTO this evening and there is no ground crew and not possible to call ground services like baggage and power cart. Only static equipment on the ground.
  8. When will EGLC be updated to todays correct apron and taxiways? https://airport-world.com/amp/london-city-airport-completes-major-airfield-expansion-projects/
  9. Thank you for your quick replies. I have also reported double windsocks on this airport earlier this summer, but no update there.
  10. This is my home airport and have departed from ENAL hundreds of times so I am 110% sure there has been ATIS before WU6. Can Orbx confirm this is on their tracking list for an ENAL update?
  11. There is no ATIS at ENAL anymore. Can someone confirm that this is a bug? Messed up by WU6?
  12. This airport is missing the yellow star in the World Map. Can this be corrected in next update?
  13. Can also confirm that the problem exists with an empty Community folder (except Orbx ENAL installed of course)
  14. Which addon caused the problem? Because I have the same issue for several airports incl ENAL and ENOV.
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