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  1. Hi guys. I've just read that as part of the fast approaching Australian World Update VII, that Australia will be receiving plenty of photogrammetry cities. Including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Cairns, Darwin, Townsville, Bunbury and Mackay. I purchased a few of these city sceneries already from Orbx and was wondering how they will be impacted with the new world update installed? Thanks Wingding65
  2. What exactly have Orbx done to the original London landmarks pack? Simply taken out the objects that had the lower grade textures such as the Tower Bridge, Shard, etc in order for the MSF 2020 originals to show up again? Really like to know before I consider buying?
  3. Yes any upgrades for MFS 2020 for Australia (especially along the Eastern Coast) would be greatly appreciated Orbx.
  4. Hi Orbx. Just wondering if you guys are considering an additional landmarks package for Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Tower would be good one's to include for starters. As would many others.
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