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  1. Well they’ve done KCRW and now KBOI… Hopefully KPBI will be up next!
  2. That doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy but I’m glad it’s still on the list at least!
  3. 1. Yes I’m aware it was about Terraflora. 2. Well Greg Jones has replied to topics on KPBI before, he was part of Turbulent/Orbx UK was he not? 3. So it was a bit of deductive reasoning… And 4. unless Mr. Correria lied to us, the P3D version was in getting into beta testing almost two years ago. But I haven’t had my coffee yet so
  4. For those that have been waiting a while… I found this on a completely different thread thru avsim… It seems the dev (from Turbulent/Orbx UK) has left the company. I’d imagine that’s a big part of the wait!
  5. Well… Since it’s still on the list for this year Here’s a few recent shots!
  6. Been waiting for KPBI (along with a few others of course) since March 6, 2020 when they first teased KSJC/KPBI. I’ll try and DM you the video I took at KPBI where I said I was gonna crowdfund it! But KFLL is fine! A little vram heavy but just fine, I make some adjustments to my settings when I go down there and/or turn off KMIA
  7. When I was there, I was literally filming and preparing to release a video and then start a gofundme (with about $1000 of my own $$) to attempt buy the unfinished KPBI work off Orbx and get it to another developer to finish it Just happy to see it’s still there. I’m hoping it’ll be ready soon™
  8. After two years I’m hoping it’ll be sooner than later but so long as it comes along I’ll be quite happy, I was just there less than a week ago wondering if Orbx would ever get around to it.
  9. https://www.thresholdx.net/news/pbisjc So much for the mold. It’s been a long long time coming. The P3D version almost HAS to have been close to done-they were supposedly both in beta at the same time it just didn’t make it out before FS2020 released like KSJC did.
  10. …..a guess is just that, a GUESS. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s my hope Also, @RichUK Chewwy94 had apparently reached out re: KPBI and has not heard anything back (at least yet)
  11. Plenty of times. Once a year since about 2014. It’s a gorgeous approach down the coast whether you’re landing West or East. Hoping to be able to do this in the sim someday-the current one is an absolute mess. Still has 27R/09L signs on the ground and everything.
  12. The P3D version was supposedly in beta well over a year ago, I’m guessing they either haven’t been able to get around to the MSFS version or have just binned it. I’m hoping we’ll be surprised. I’ll be there in a little over a month.
  13. +1 KPBI must’ve been held up due to the MSFS version no? I mean it was in beta for P3D at the same time as KSJC and the renders showed quite a lot of work done! I swung down under while we’re waiting and picked up YMML, YBBN (holy vram hog!) and YSSY along with AU and NZ North Island. Having a blast down under for the time being, but still long for my fav airport.
  14. Tons of scenery but nothing to fly to it. Meanwhile, just today I flew the 744, A320 and 789 to some beautiful Orbx AU/NZ/SoCal scenery in P3D.
  15. I’ll add on to the wondering about KPBI-last I remember @Greg Jones had said it was still coming-perhaps a bit delayed by the Orbx UK team doing needed work on other projects. I flew into KSJC yesterday which came out last august and was in development/beta at the same time as KPBI and was hoping for an update myself. IIRC-the renders they had were for PBI were quite far along and they were planning on it for both P3D and MSFS. It’s still 2021 for another month and change so hopefully it’ll still be coming along. KPBI would certainly be a good Christmas present-I’ll be flying there myself in January. edit: Added Greg’s response from last year
  16. I don’t have TE SoCal-only the NA region-cause it covers Vegas as well. It’s not too bad for me but the NGXu has been stuttering wherever I go-KDEN, KBWI-just doesn’t matter. It happened all of a sudden as well. I just wish they’d release KPBI to sit on top of my TE Florida where I get very decent performance.
  17. I wonder if this is the problem I’m having with the NGXu… I had it on in 5.1 and then 5.2 I started getting the mad stutters in just the NGXu. I also need to find the NA SoCal compatibility cause I have all addon airports and there’s some extra taxiway signs floating around
  18. You won’t totally get rid of the orange-but try turning your saturation down a bit. That helped me. You can also try doing the Orbx configuration in central under your global product to change the lights up a bit.
  19. I hope so my friend I hope so. It was in beta with SJC last summer then nothing for quite a while. Just hoping they don’t scrap it after all the work that’s already been done.
  20. Yawn Has anyone besides me just about given up on ever seeing KPBI?
  21. P3D V5 (until that Fenix A320 comes out and other airliners mature in MSFS) I’m not a VFR guy by any stretch.
  22. It’s a constant battle Nick, I’m always tweaking all my settings to save a couple hundred MB of VRAM here and there. I just wish I could get a better GPU cause I’d do it in a heartbeat. It seems I need 10GB+ to get where I’d really like to be. I have shadows all on low and only for internal/external vehicle I’ve been really trying to dial in TE Florida to get ready for KPBI whenever it might come along. Had a fantastic light addon that I wound up dumping due to the vram penalty.
  23. For all my fellow KPBI fans, here’s a landing on 28R!
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