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  1. Was flying around London and noticed that 22 Bishopsgate is the same height as Asobo's Shard. In reality, Twentytwo is like 35 metres (100 feet) shorter. Flew over them and you can see there's no difference on the altimeter while I'm flying a few meters above them as you can see in the attached screenshots.
  2. Try deleting the pack and reinstalling, fixed some issues for me.
  3. Because they sell them inside the game too? Why does it matter? You didn't answer his question, just deflecting.
  4. Ok you haven't even played the game yet you have a strong opinion on what those who have and who paid for this DLC say on the topic.
  5. I would like to hear if they're planning to update them too. It's definitely not at the level of quality I'd expect for a paid add-on and it stands out with how bad it looks actually. I appreciate the correct skyline but some of the models are truly straight from 2006.
  6. Asobo's Shard is absolutely stunning yet the model in this pack is pretty ugly and forgettable. Why keep it there when the vanilla one is better? Would you consider looking into disabling it? I don't suppose there's a way for me to do it myself.
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