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  1. Hi Nick, no I haven't disabled scenery files. I'm now using an external add-on organizer playing around with the order of the add-ons. However, doing that I'm facing more and more problems. E.g. my Aerosoft airport isn't lit anymore during the night. In the end I believe the Orbx and Aerosoft add-ons might not be compatible with each other? Add-ons I use: - Global Base Pack - EU Germany North - EU Germany South - Orbx Libraries - Aerosoft German Airports - Hamburg Professional - Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional Can you tell me in what order these add-ons need to be loaded? That would be of big help! Txs, Cheers, Simon
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with "EU Germany North" in combination with "Aerosoft German Airports - Hamburg Professional". Since a couple of weeks I'm seeing both library textures overlap. I don't know why this is suddenly screwed up. I've reinstalled both sim and add-ons without any success.
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