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  1. Many thanks for raising the issue. The copilot is known issue with most 3rd party aircraft since the last sim update 5 and is being looked into. With regards to the fuel system, we will look into this. Kind regards Ellise Business Development Manager
  2. In the manual it states that the handbrake is used for toe braking and there are two click spots, the front of the handle is for braking and the rear click spot is for parking brake.
  3. This is a standard MSFS feature with any new aircraft you install. I saw Jabiru's everywhere, then CRJ's and now Stearman's as that's the latest one I've installed.
  4. No problem Nick. For me on a 2560x1080 widescreen monitor they look left and right perfectly ok with an Xbox controller or stick with views set and no TrackIiR. I also tested on a standard 27" monitor and ok for me there as well. And to make sure I tested with HDMI out to my TV which is 1920x1080 Please do let me know if you still have issues. Cheers, Ellie.
  5. Ok thanks, the views have been reset. Will be interesting to see what you get when the patch comes out
  6. Hey All, Here is the current bug list for the Optica. This thread will be updated continuously with the following tags: Investigating - we are looking into the bug and working on it Resolved - the item has been corrected and tested, awaiting patch Patched OC - the item has been patched on OrbxCentral and files should be updated by users Patched OC/MSM - the item has been patched on OrbxCentral and MSFS Marketplace Please note that submissions to Microsoft can take up to 3 weeks to process. Sounds When opening cockpit door, engine noise level is the same - investigating Views Ability to poke head out of the cockpit with TiR / VR - investigating Animations Nose wheel steering not animated - temporary resolution. Working in SP, not visible in MP - patched OC Avionics Transponder unit intermittently not working for some users since SU5 - investigating FM Clicking AI Control aircraft goes into a right hand bank downward spiral. Autopilot for AI control - investigating (If set from take-off it works as intended with level controlled flight) Hardware Conflict with Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant in that switches will not represent aircraft state and vice versa - investigating
  7. We do have reports of a slight roll to the left and are investigating it.
  8. We are looking into the default views. May I ask what monitor size you have?
  9. This is the best approach to landing I have found: Enter the pattern at 70-65knts Flaps stage 1 downwind dropping down to around 65knts Turn base letting the speed drop off and flaps stage 2 on final coming over threshold around 63-60knts (note stall speed) Idle at threshold letting the aircraft touch down on the markers with very little flare (as long as you are trimmed). Do not hand fly her down, trim trim trim all the way at every stage in the pattern and she will kiss the ground with almost hardly any flaring needed. I'm pretty much hands off stick right until touch down (keeping an eye for wind gusts of course). We have seen that for some reason the actual stall with full flaps is around 50knts even though the code is set to 59knts. You can even touch down around 55knts comfortably, which is something we are talking to Asobo about. Once down apply the brakes and she should comfortably come to a stop. I've not run off even the shortest of runways. May I suggest you do the Biggin Hill landing challenge a few times to get the feel for her on patterns using the above. Cheers, Ellie.
  10. Thanks for reporting. Do you have a flight plan of where you were flying or can you say the location of where this was; city, open scenery, Etc. As it sounds like visual lag to me. Also what are you PC specs please? I've not experienced this once in the many hours of development testing and need to understand what could trigger it.
  11. The GPS system is defined by the sim, we simply add the buttons and a blank piece of glass and the sim projects the GPS functionality onto that, so I see no reason why it would not work. Thanks Ellise
  12. This has been fixed and will be in an upcoming patch
  13. Hahaha I may bury my head in the sand from time to time Great shots!!
  14. I honestly thought you had painted her for a minute haha Great shots!
  15. Oh wow, looks amazing in B&W!!
  16. Love them John, thanks for sharing!
  17. The current release has been designed for MSFS only to this sim's parameters. The textures and more importantly flight model and systems model are vastly different in all 3 sims. We are not ruling out the other sims for future development, simply stating that they would be new development products, not a port over as porting is not possible. At this moment in time she is for MSFS only.
  18. The whole development journey from the initial discussion with the rest of the Exec Team team right up until release has been amazing. Seeing her out in the community's hands and seeing the screenshots, videos and reading reviews has been an amazing day for me personally. This is why I love my job and love working with an amazing team at Orbx!! ----------------- Thanks Ellise I'm really pleased you enjoyed the little "story" to go with it. You must have had such an enjoyable time watching it come to fruitarian over the last few weeks. They have done a stellar job on this. Handling is superb and it is very frame rate friendly. And it looks fantastic ! A winning combination for sure Cheers Pete
  19. Lovely shots Mike
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