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  1. ive managed to almost double my FPS after SU5, the sim feels smooth and no judders. Im running HDR @ 1440p ultra + custom maximum shadows, highest render except resolution that stays on 1440p quick test earlier over NYC, to prove performance update quickly as i had some friends asking. Before and after shots Before SU5: Post install of SU5:
  2. There awesome again and fantastic clouds once more! What are you doing to get such dramatic looking clouds?
  3. Great shots! whats going on with your clouds they look insane!? whats that for a preset?
  4. Ive just joined up! cant believe i missed this announcement
  5. Thanks all, im hitting 50-70fps around the scenery too so nice to fly around
  6. LOWZ Zell am See Airport Zell am See is a small airport tucked away in the Alps, approximately 100km away from Salzburg. It’s a general aviation field with aircraft of up to 5.7 tonnes allowed to land on its 664 metre long asphalt runway. Alongside the sealed runway, two more smaller grass strips are also contained within the grounds. The perfect location for scenic GA flying and soaring, Zell am See proves to be a great base for mountain training - combine that with the excellent vegetation features seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the two meld for an impeccable product. Well it certainly is something beautiful.... GA is going to love this place...
  7. awesome shots... how do i change my reg of the aircraft??
  8. yes exactly that, impressive work on the camera defaults
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