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  1. Sorry for late answer. It works! =) Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you =) I will test it today and give then an answer.
  3. I flew now from Edinburgh to Heathrow. Same Square on the flight. Only the TrueEarth Central and South is installed. Not EU Wales or England or an airport. Can someone help? P3D v5.1 HF1 installed.
  4. Hello, i have the Complete Orbx Package. Have someone a idea from what this square come from? When i have installed EU ENGLAND EU SCOTLAND EU WALES TrueEarth GB NORTH CENTRAL SOUTH Should i delete EU ENGLAND EU SCOTLAND EU WALES ? Because the TrueEarth products includes the stuff from the EU Regions or am i wrong? Greetings Markus
  5. Thank you so much for the Update! Im so happy now =) <3 Big love!
  6. Thank you very much! I overflew the old stuff but i thought that is an issue which is fixed. Cant unterstand why this needs so long. Its a little bit frustrating.
  7. Hello, i landed today first time on this airport and have following problem. The Lights are very very garish like you can see on the pictures. Dynamic Lights were on... after i turned it off the parking places are dark... What can i do?
  8. I have North South and Central so alle Great Britain Products
  9. oh sorry, dublin was the start point. My airplane was there on the pink. So its over Great Britain were i take the pictures. And i dont not have any airports there.
  10. Hello my pilotfriends, i have some issues. I attached two picture from the sim and from the map the position- I used full Orbx for these parts. Great Britain True View etc.
  11. Okay. I´m sorry. It was my fail. In LOWI i dont set the check in "Using Southern Germany". Now it works fantastic! Thank you so much. I´m really happy now =)
  12. Hello, thank you very much for the fast answer. its in Innsbruck. i will try and give feedback.
  13. Hello out there =) I have a huge problem with black texture on mountins. I use Prepar3D I have no other addons actually, because i reinstalled my complete Computer. Can someone check if my sequence of my addons is correct pls? (pics in attachment) In attachment there are some pictures from the "black hole" problem too. How can i resolve this issue? Thank you very much and stay safe. Markus
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