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  1. Not sure if it had been mentioned before, but EU80 turned into EDJG
  2. Thank you, Nick, that fixed it. Any idea why this only happened in Germany and not in the other regions?
  3. Using HF2 along with Global I get the following: To me it looks like the night lighting textures are somehow interfering. The same thing happened without Global. I did verify, reinstall and resynch GES, GEN and Global within OrbxDirect multiple times and my scenery library seems okay to me as well (Above 7WA3 there is still ORBXLIBS and PNW Ferries) This only seems to happen within Germany (North and South). Don't have this issue in PNW. It was working fine before, but I haven't started P3D since I applied HF2 and uninstalled some Orbx scenery (along with Global) that I wasn't using. I reinstalled Global only after I saw the issue; I thought maybe the lack of Global somehow caused it.
  4. So I was just starting out of W33 using the Orbx KFHR with PNW and I noticed some docks and boats were floating. I'm not sure if that's a bug with the addon or if something in my configuration is wrong. For both PNW and KFHR I have all options enabled for best appearance and most details. It's not a big deal, but I just think it looks funny and wanted to share.
  5. Not sure it is a V5 thing, when I was searching the forum for a fix it seemed other people had the same problem in earlier versions.
  6. I use A2A exclusively. The reason I like crash detection turned on is sometimes when I fly low I like to know I clipped something (even if it is sometimes unaccurate). Might sound stupid, but I like it that way
  7. It's just that I have never had any problem with any scenery, be it Orbx or other developers that had issues with crash detection. I think it should be in the store description, or at least in the manual that it is incompatible with crash detection.
  8. And yet I would like it enabled out of personal preference. If there really is no other fix than that then that's unfortunate for me.
  9. Hey, I am having trouble with the Tyabb airport in V5. As soon as I spawn, the game tells me I crashed and reloads the standard flight. I have not had the old Australia mesh installed and also have ticked the Australia v2 compatibility option in the configurator. I havent tried all parking spots, but it happens at most of them. Apart from Australia V2, I only have some other FTX regions and Base installed as well as some A2A aircraft. It works when I disable crash detection, but it's not an ideal solution for me, as I would like that option enabled.
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