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  1. Dear Nick, That solved it. Somehow I think EnvShade tampered the ShadersHLSL folder.. Thank you for your support.
  2. This is how it looks at my end. (same area): No custom shaders are active anymore. Can anyone else confirm to have this same issue?
  3. Hey Nick, Are you running P3Dv5.2 or 5.2HF1 (if there is a notable difference in operation). I know that this is a shader issue so I am trying to see if it is a specific problem on my end.
  4. It seems to be only in effect in NL, where the road lights are just too overly saturated/bright. Other area's do not have this issue. I initially blamed EnvShade (which had problems with road lights before), but after completely disabling it and resetting my shaders the problem persists. Since 5.2 road lights is a scenery option, which I have kept to none (does not seem to have an effect).
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