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  1. Hello, I know there is limited support for the vulkan beta of xplane but i have to report this i think? I have TE south and i noticed a white grid sort of snowy pattern on the textures (Capture1) I purchased Southhampten airport and installed it and you can clearly see the diference from the airport textures to the region Orbx textures. Capture 2 is Vulkan (as is capture 1) and i also tried to do the same sort of capture of the openGL version witch look normal (Captureopengl) I have to note that the opengl version is a seperate install of xplane. I aslo profided my scenery.ini Any ideas? seems that the airport work fine in vulkan, i also noticed it only in TE south and not in LOWI, Londen City, edinbrough and the florida region witch i also own. Thanks Regards, Rob scenery_packs.ini
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