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  1. Looking forward to the updates for ESMS and ESSB-and also the port over of ESKS.
  2. Love seeing more airports for P3D. By the way, there is a Split for MSFS out there but not from Orbx.
  3. Was reading on FSElite that someone is doing a free YBCG-Gold Coast for XP11. I’d love to see YBCG and an updated YMML for MSFS.
  4. Any plans for Matteo to port YBCG to MSFS? Love that Mattel’s bringing us KVNY, LIPH and SBSP and I’m pleased with the all the upcoming landmark city packs-especially Frankfurt! Matteo did it for FSX and P3D which I loved as Gold Coast is my local airport and the default YBCG in MSFS ain’t that great.
  5. Would love to see YMML and YBCG for MSFS and I own YBBN v1-so I'll get v2 for P3D and for MSFS once that version is out.
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