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  1. Yeah, just loaded it up for the first time tonight and very heavy on VAS compared with my other ORBX airports e.g. LOWI, LDDU Cheers James
  2. Hi guys, Bit of a weird one here, see the screenshots, basically a giant walkie talkie radio and ear defenders spawning through some of the static 757s on the ramp! FTX central version, reporting everything upto date. Boxed FSX running on Win10 64 bit. Latest libs installed according to FTX Central. I am using DX10 fixer and have scanned effects after the latest install of Global, EU Lc etc? Any ideas? Thanks James
  3. Ahh OK Nick, I was under the impression that the downloads went into AppData\Local\ORBX\Temp...I'll give that a go.. Still a little surprised that 22GB isn't enough space to install one item Cheers James
  4. Guys, I'm struggling to reinstall Vector 1.51, I have 22.7 GB Free on my target drive, however, when trying to install via FTXCentral the installation fails with a message stating there's not enough space on the drive, after which I have to use the Clear Temp button to return the space. I've also downloaded the 9GB _fulFTXVECTOR151.zip and tried installing from that via FTXCentral, however, another Vector download starts (~30mins remaining at 3.7Mb/s) in FTXCentral and there's another queued up behind that, the space on my drive starts getting chewed up again? So, how much space do I need? Is there a way to repoint FTX Central TEMP download area to a different drive? Is it expected that there are further sizeable downloads required after performing a manual download/install?? Regards James
  5. Worked for me also with the same issues I was seeing at 10L. Thanks Holger
  7. Up there with the best I've seen you do Iain... Fantastic composition on all 3, 1st one has you looking hard to check it's not a photo!!
  8. Holy cr*p Jarrad!! Please tell me you're moving onto EGCB and EGCC next??!!! We need you doing Barton bridge, the Barton swing bridge and Thelwall Viaduct!! Stunning mate
  9. Shaun, agreed and I'm sure more "global" clutter will be added appropriately as well. Knowing the ORBX approach I bet they are already on to it. I also think that lists like this are a great articulation of feedback to the Devs in terms of what makes their scenery really immersive from a customer perspective and then they can balance/prioritise that within the technical limitations they'll have in order to maintain product performance. Here's hoping for plenty more constructive contributions from the rest of the community.
  10. Good shouts here Shaun in terms of polishing ENG. I'm being confident on this one given ORBX's track record for improving their payware offerings post launch. My expectation (FWIW) is that as the ENG airports come out then we will get the same as we have with CRM/AUS etc where you don't just get a superbly detailed strip but a good few hundred square miles of improved surrounding area. KJAC/PAKT are stunning examples of this. Be nice to buy EGCB for example and have it include a nice depiction of Barton Bridge to avoid and Trafford Centre (again to avoid ), Chill FactorE, Salford City Reds stadium and the stinky sewage works lol I guess for those living close to/operating from Goodwood will be able to give their views soon enough on the enhanced strips for ENG. I think though as a first project from what I think I remember reading in one of the posts somewhere, JV said was a new team, this is a cracking start
  11. Yeah. 3rd one for me. Ethereal....
  12. Smoooooooooth. Nice contrast with the metallic green fuselage
  13. Sweet set Rob, people really starting to find the gems in this scenery
  14. Thanks Gents You can't really go wrong with such a good canvas
  15. Cheers Wolter, Tim and Neil....Very strange, just done a good few hours in AUS and NZ as well, no issues. At least I know how to fix if it happens again
  16. Some more investigation...Compared the files side by side that were in the E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF with FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery....Did it a region at a time, got to PNW and again there was a file ADE_FTX_PNW_2WA1_elevation_adjustment.BGL in the E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF and no mention of it in FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery. Started FSX with FTX NA Still enabled and hey presto more elevation issues...Copied the file from E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF to FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery and it works, same as KDLS... Am I going to cause myself problems by doing this? It's fixed my issue on both occasions?
  17. Wolter, there's 174 files with .OFF extension?? Any suggestions how I can change them all without doing each one individually? Ta OK so I was playing around and I noticed there were no files for KDLS (.OFF or .bgl) in the FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery folder after any of the switching in FTX Central...I have now copied the ADE_FTX_CRM_KDLS_elevation_adjustment.BGL file from E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF and it works?! I have about 220 files in the folder E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF, should I copy them all to FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery?? What is the E:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\OFF folder doing? Should it be populated under normal circumstances or should it only be populated when a region is switched off?? Ta
  18. Ok so all (3) .bgl files deleted from E:\FSX\Scenery\World (I've left the other ones that are dotted about my FSX directory)..FTX default, applied, FTX NA Applied, still the same Not sure if this is pertinent but after applying NA, I only have elevation adjustment files (.bgl) for PNW and PFJ, nothing in there for CRM or NRM? Correction there are some ADE files for CRM/NRM but they are .OFF, also there are no files at all in there for KDLS, does this mean the regions aren't being applied properly??
  19. Wolter, can you just confirm it's the .bgl files I need to delete and not the .OFF files?? *EDIT* E:\FSX contains 3104 .bgl files across NZSI, CRM, NRM, PNW & PFJ after switching to DEFAULT... E:\FSX\Scenery\World on conatins 3 .bgl files? Which ones should I delete??
  20. Wolter, OK so...If I understand you correctly and any ACTIVE region should have no .OFF files whereas any INACTIVE region should have no .bgl files? Then looks like I have an issue with CRM/NRM and NZSI?? ADE_FTX_CRM_* = 49 .OFF and 948 .bgl ADE_FTX_NRM_* = 69 .OFF and 756 .bgl ADE_FTX_PFJ_* = 0 .OFF and 123 .bgl ADE_FTX_PNW_* = 0 .OFF and 1084 .bgl ADE_FTX_NZSI_* = 56 .OFF and 293 .bgl My FTX Central version is 1.0 1027 and I run it as administrator when I use it if that is any help? Ta
  21. OK, I do hit apply after each switch. Redone it to make sure, sceneries rebuilt. I actually loaded all the way up at the airport with default and it looked correct (albeit not very good!!). Closed FSX and switched to NA, sceneries rebuilt, but still same sunken areas (but nicer buildings ))
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