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  1. I do, I only use p3dv4 in fact. But I will try to run the sode manager next time I spawn in Skopje and see what happens. Thank you.
  2. Hello Nick, I did make sure that it was registered and tried to reload all items but no luck sadly. How did you fix it ?
  3. Good day everyone, I am a newbie in the forums community so I would start first by expressing my sincere love to the new released scenery for Skjope Intl. marvelous airport. However I noticed after vacating the runway that the taxiways were blurry under my landing lights and when I switched to taxi lights, it became less blurry but you can still see it. Also the jetways were missing. I checked the folders for SODE and everything is there for LWSK with the corresponding files, however they were completely missing even after refreshing all by SODE in-sim. Any clues on how I can fix this ?
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