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  1. Good morning, for many days while I have been making any flight in different areas of the world, and at any level of flight, the ground textures become very blurry especially during the landing phase. Sometimes it happens that during the flight the ground is out of focus and suddenly everything returns to normal. Flight only with Boeing 737 800 NGX PMDG and Airbus A320 of Aerosoft. I own Global Base Pack, Vector, Open LC Europe, Africa, North America / Alaska and Africa, Libraries, and apply the settings recommended by Orbx. I also installed FS global 2010 + FS local Meshes + Steve's DX10. The processor is INTEL Core I7 4790 S 3.20 GHZ, RAM 8 GB, video card Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB I kindly ask for information on how to solve the problem, or if it is my setting that has some problems. I thank you and best regards. Maurizio
  2. Hi Nick, I made some flights in the areas subject to scenario problems, and thanks to your valuable suggestions, the problem of the blue dials on the ground has been definitively solved. Thank you so much for your collaboration. Greetings. Mauri58 Imola / Italy
  3. Good morning, for several days while I have been flying in a different area from the world, known on the ground of the blue / blue dials, which sometimes disappears as the plane flies over that area of land. I think the problem derives from the ORBX product Global OpenLC Europe, and more particularly Global OpenLC Europe_Europe 7. I say this because deactivating the Scenery Area Orbx in the Scenery Libraries of FSX Steam Edition !! OpenLC _Europa 7, the problem disappears almost permanently. The product was purchased online in data 1/2/2016 on the FlightSim Store website with the following serial number / registration: EA850-ED3CC-0F7AE. Transferred to FSS on 11/26/2017 FSS0458004. I also own Global Base Pack, Vector, Building, Trees HD, Open LC North America / Alaska, and I installed the Libraries. My simulator is FSX Steam Edition. The processor is INTEL (R) Core (TM) I7 4790 S 3.20 GHZ, 8 GB RAM. Windows 10 operating system - 64 bit Video Card Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB I kindly ask for information on how to solve the problem. I would like to avoid deactivating Orbx !! OpenLC _Europe as it makes the simulation very realistic. I thank you for your collaboration and best regards. Mauri58 Imola / Italy
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