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  1. Hi there, Recently got the new Orbx EGNT for Xplane11 and I'm finding that my frames seem to drop from about 60-70 to 30 when coming into the gate. There also seems to be a large bump at either end of the runway (worst on 07) making it quite difficult to landing without getting airborne again!! Is there any possible way to fix this? Thanks
  2. Bought GB south yesterday. installed it and got the error message I've verified the files multiple times with no success:( I checked the texture folder and it seems like all the folders and .JPG files which, if im correct, aren't meant to be? Someone please help!!!
  3. I recently bought ftx global and vectors, i was getting weird repeating textures (like a checker board) so i installed ftx open lc Europe thinking it would solve the problem. It did greatly improve the landclass however im still getting repeating (more pronounced in certain areas) any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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