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  1. Do you have the Aerosoft Norwegian airport also installed?
  2. Will need to check that out later but hoping Orbx release Sumburgh for the new sim.
  3. Try going into content manager under your profile and see if the missing content is showing there as in library. If so, you will have the option to install from there.
  4. 3080 with 20Gb has also been identified and there is a good chance it will be official before the end of the year to counter the 16gb AMD cards.
  5. Tried to buy one today. Refreshing for 3 mins, page swapped from notify me to out of stock! Never even got a chance to get one in the basket. Looks like lots of third party cards will be available in the next few days mind you but starting to think I’ll hold off for the AMD cpu and gpu announcements first. All the benchmarks at higher resolutions are showing more than double my 2070.
  6. And just posted that directly in the body of your post and not used the insert link option? I realise you have posted tons here so this is likely a technical issue but just wanted to check.
  7. There is a bbcode link generated by imgur, did you select the correct ones? I’ve made that mistake before.
  8. I have two NVME drives in my current system but my previous build had Sata m.2 drives. While the NVME drives benchmark a lot faster, the difference is game loading isn’t all that different. I think the biggest reason is the game engine is loading up lots of relatively small assets and these smaller file sizes don’t transfer as quickly as a single large file transferred when determining max speeds in a benchmark. This article gives a similar insight... https://techreport.com/blog/3467943/nvme-vs-ssd-test/
  9. Same version I know but beyond that, we simply don’t know how it will look and perform. It should look good and perform well but that is merely an assumption just now. The hardware compatibility will be a variance for sure. Basic flight controls will be supported but will all the high end hotas systems be supported? TrackIR? Stream deck or button boxes? We do need to wait and see. We also have a release date for the Xbox’s but no release date for MSFS on that platform yet. It could be a while away yet although I imagine they would want it released as close to the hardware launch as possible. While undoubtedly powerful, there are still some limitations with the new consoles.
  10. I’m still sceptical about how well it will compare with the pc version and even when it will release but always good to have more platforms to increase exposure and the community.
  11. No idea on sakes figures but it seems it would be mad not too.
  12. Definitely need to report it to Asobo for an official fix but this has already been addressed by the community - check out https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/updated-alaska-water-fix
  13. I would enable developer mode then check the virtual file system from the menu options to check which folders are being monitored for new content. I wonder if there is an issue with that getting wiped during the patch update.
  14. Might not be related but the patch notes recommend a clean install of MSFS for those who have installation issues. https://www.flightsimulator.com/patch-version-1-7-14-0-is-now-available/
  15. I believe that would only apply if the in app purchase was successful. In this case it isn’t so you should be entitled to the refund. MS are aware of issues with their marketplace at the moment so I don’t see any issues with them providing a refund. One other thing you could try is disabling MS Defender during the installation of the add on as this has also been an issue for some.
  16. Yes, I spoke with MS support and any in game purchases are tied to your account. Provided you run the new purchase with the same account, all your in game purchases will remain.
  17. If you check the directories on the c drive, that are actually shortcuts to the location on your chosen drive. It is confusing but the content is going to your selected drive.
  18. They’re also adding in other POIs that were not in the original release. The purchase price is already relatively low. Fix the issues then it is worth the cost imho.
  19. 2 x 16GB seems the way to go for a number of reasons - there are potential minor gains going with quad channel but it seems less so in gaming. If you get 2 x 16gb, you have the option of upping to 64gb in total down the line if you ever feel held back.
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