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  1. Please don't forget the other sims when MSFS2020 comes online...
  2. Yup, looks like I’ll need to add a photo of some description if I can’t change the colour! Appreciate the images and info.
  3. You were doing so well until shot 3! This is all in TE GB North? In light of this probably never making it to Aerofly FS 2, I may have to explore X-Plane 11 as things are looking nice - thanks for the shots.
  4. Another vote for more AF2 content. I realise the market is comparatively tiny but given MSFS 2020 will not be supporting VR anytime soon, I think this will be one area where AF2 leads. Now owning all the Orbx content for AF2, I would love to see True Earth GB released but even without that, the freeware UK scenery available for AF2 would be a great base for the likes of Edinburgh, Cardiff, London City and all the other excellent airports you have.
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